Having it all on £20 a day – the rules!

My quest to experience London and surrounds on £20 a day has very strict rules!

The figure doesn’t include rent, but it must cover all bills and travel and I am not allowed to become a hermit on a rationed diet – I must have a life.  My definition of ‘a life’ may differ greatly from yours (dear reader) and thus I write, as evidence, my intentions thereof:

  • While I’m living in London (the other side of the world), I must enjoy my time here and take advantage of opportunities to do cool stuff and travel to lovely places.
  • I will continue my sports and activities, which tend to be on the expensive side, such as corde lisse.
  • Enjoy great food.
  • I am to live as ethically and sustainably as I can, which means I:
  • Buy organic, local and unpackaged as much as possible.
  • Pay what things are worth – no shopping in Primark or wheedling unfair bargains.
  • Take the train to holiday destinations.  No cheap flights!

Your thoughts (dear reader) are most welcome.

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Speaker | Coach | Founder Yoga for Pain Care Australia

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