£20/day – 3 months in and an interesting turn of events

When I embarked on Grand Mission £20/day (see rules in previous posts) three months ago, I’m not sure that I really considered that it would ever be anything more than a learning experience and an opportunity to flaunt the moral position that loads of money isn’t critical to living well and, actually, it’s much better for the environment blah dee blah dee blah.  I certainly didn’t think that I’d be in a position where I had to cut my spending to £10/day because I had no money!

I’m averaging £22/day, which I don’t think is too bad, considering I have had weekends to Oxford, Cambridge and Stratford-upon-Avon and a splendid 12 days travelling between Paris and Toulouse.

Time and space for whimsical reflection in la ville rose.
Time and space for whimsical reflection in la ville rose.

So what has taken me from decadent sun-drenched lounging in the midi-Pyrenees to near-broke in such a short time (apart from some over-priced TGV train journeys and feeding a chocolate brownie addiction)? 

1. A few tough questions about what I really want to do with my life and the decision to pursue them.  

2. The restrictions of a working-holiday visa that only permits me to work in the country for a limited time, and my desire not to squander the time and opportunity on just any income-generating activity.  (Don’t let me start on the irony of the immigration rule that forbids me from starting a business that employs people and create jobs…)

Almost everyone embarking on a new business goes through giddy highs of inspiration against the desperate panic of uncertain cashflow.  I figure you either succumb to fear and give in to a normal job, or you battle through it and come out the other end with a new world view.

I’m most interested to see where I end up!

In the meantime, and as food for thought, some of the interesting experiences of temporary broke-ness:

  • Giving my last (and when I say last, I mean pretty much literally) 45p to someone begging opposite the Ritz. 
  • Realising how much fear I have of running out of money when, really, what is the worst that can happen?
  • Wondering how it feels to blog about running out of money.

I might let these sit with you and I’ll write more about them later.

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