£20/day – getting over chronic fatigue

In my last post about my grand quest to live and travel Europe on £20 a day I touched on the meaning of money. Running out of money, or not having ‘enough’, is such a normal fear in the society that I am (and possibly you are) part of, that I think we rarely question what we are actually afraid of.

The link to chronic fatigue? Several years ago, when I finally accepted that, for the better part of ten years, I had been struggling to get out of bed, I over-hauled my life: I ended a relationship; changed jobs; worked less hours; swapped intense exercise for ballet and pilates; took vitamins; ate better; and generally took a good hard look at how I wanted to live my life – including financially.

For the first time, I questioned why I was so keen to buy loads of property and retire young (at the time, it seemed such an obvious thing to want). I realised I wasn’t particularly happy with the way I earnt money (I was an engineer!) and so the prospect of working full time until 65 was very unattractive; much better to work very hard and have it all over and done with by 35.

The catch: I had to work my arse off for the next ten years!

The years since have been a journey exploring my life balance, including how much money I want and need. Mission £20/day has taken me a few steps further down this path.

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One thought on “£20/day – getting over chronic fatigue

  1. Ah, this connects nicely to the conversation we had the other day. I like the sound of your mission £20, and interesting that you’re linking it to wellbeing. You’ve probably read Oliver James’s Affluenza – But if not – Do!


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