Building strategic partnerships and creative collaborations: applications open for 2011 programme

I am looking for an organisation to participate in an innovative project to develop their capacity for building healthy, strategic partnerships and provide the space for creative ideas.  Ideally working within the engineering and built environment sector, the organisation will benefit from my experience as a civil engineer, strategic facilitator and circus performer.  The co-designed, innovative programme will challenge your people to see their work upside down and back-to-front and examine why they do what they do in the way that they do.  It is available to one organisation as part of a Diplome du Yoga I am studying at The University of Lille (France).

The ideal organisation

Works in the engineering sector or is technically-focused, preferably within the built environment and providing project management capacity.
Is based in France or The Netherlands.  Preferably English-speaking, but French is fine too.
And interested in creating innovative solutions that are environmentally and socially-minded, as well as being financially profitable.  The organisation is possibly already involved, in or looking to form, collaborations and strategic partnerships.

This is what you’ll experience

You will gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation’s approach to creativity and collaboration and co-design a programme that is unique and tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. Participants will critically examine their assumptions and habits in partnership working and innovative thinking.  This analysis alone will lead to employees approaching their projects with a new sense of clarity and focus.
The practical side of the programme that will follow is a unique opportunity to explore the ways that physical theatre, play and yoga develop your people and your teams.  To experience the deep benefits of activities that are often used simply as stress-relief and team-building.

Some project details

The overarching aim is to co-design and deliver a tailored, creative programme to boost your organisation’s capacity to engage in healthy partnerships and creative, viable business practices.
Will last initially, about four months, starting in early February.  Participants can expect to commit to two hours per week, of which half of that time will be contact time and half will involve personal reflection.  They will be able to immediately apply what they learn, improving the results of their work.
Will comprise activities inspired by yoga, clowning and physical theatre, merged with understanding of project management, sustainability and change management.
Will be run by me, Rachael West. I have vast experience delivering strategic and change projects within engineering and public sector organisations in Australia and established the £3m ‘Opening New Markets’ partnership project for Social Enterprise London.  I am trained as a civil engineer and have a qualification in circus performance from Greentop Circus in Sheffield.  As part of Strategic Creativity, I am now designing and running programmes that use the physical theatre to develop critical skills in communication, collaboration and creative thinking.
Read more about my background here, and my adventures with the circus at The Engineer Who Ran Away to the Circus.

To apply

If you are interested in applying or finding out more, please get in touch at
And feel free to forward to other organisations you think might be able to benefit.

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