Games for learning – how lecturers bring play into adult education

I wish I could have recorded Tim the tiling lecturer conduct the Orchestra of Babble with 15 fellow lecturers from Challenger Institute of Technology.  This was part of the Games for Learning workshop I ran at the school’s Festival of Learning day last month, to help educators devise creative learning experiences for their students.

Tim’s orchestra was surprisingly beautiful, and inspired an Arts and Culture lecturer to create a game that would help her students learn about musical genres.

For every game we played, the group could see at least a dozen applications for learning in their areas of expertise that would make their work as teachers more effortless, and more relevant for their students. The games they created for their own classrooms were unique, simple and educational.

“It was so valuable to have fun learning – and to remember that learning can be fun.” (Heather, Challenger Institute of Technology)

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