How to use notes AND look at your audience (inspired by Annabel Crabb)

When a conference speaker reads directly from their notes it doesn’t usually make for the most exciting listening. As an audience member, when someone is looking down you don’t feel connected and it’s hard to pay attention. “I could have just read the journal article”, you might think. There’s nothing wrong with notes – exceptContinue reading “How to use notes AND look at your audience (inspired by Annabel Crabb)”

The best communicators aren’t listening to words

When I met underground mining engineer Jayne Finch at a speaker coaching workshop I ran for Women in Mining WA, I was impressed by her warmth and welcoming presence. She paid attention to what I said and there was a care in the way she asked me to repeat things she didn’t understand. Jayne clearlyContinue reading “The best communicators aren’t listening to words”

3 things you should never do in a conference presentation

1. Apologise for your slides If you have to apologise to your audience for too many words on your slides, because the font is so small the audience can’t read it, or because your slides are confusing – change them before you get to the stage. 2. Go overtime When you take more than yourContinue reading “3 things you should never do in a conference presentation”

Project management for hackers

Hack the Festival is Australia’s first art hack. Part of Perth Festival, this exciting event invites teams of artists, coders and entrepreneurs to create a digitally interactive art work, within an incredibly tight timeframe. Being a mentor at Hack the Festival is fun, since all the project are so diverse. But amongst this diversity some common questionsContinue reading “Project management for hackers”

Business template to keep entrepreneurs on track

Big companies have procedures in place for everything. Little companies and one-man bands often work things out as they go. I’d like to share some of the tools I’ve developed so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This template, Weekly Reporting for Entrepreneurs, will help you quickly review each week so that you can plan your next.

Get your social enterprise off to a rock solid start by defining your vision and values

Business values are often considered fluffy words that sit on a wall somewhere to assure clients that you’re a nice organisation. But when a group of new Geraldton entrepreneurs defined their vision, mission and values on the first day of their enterprise incubation program, they found they had solid foundations to begin building a business.

Improve your conference by getting speakers together before the event

Conference presenters often meet for the first time at the conference itself and know little about each other’s work. For the 2014 Women in Mining WA annual seminar, the event manager took a different tack and invited the speakers to a facilitated discussion before the event. The result: a more memorable, coherent conference.

How to make a difference: The School of Life arrives in Perth

I am delighted to have been invited to run How to Make a Difference when The School of Life pops up in Perth for the first time next month. Based on the book How to Change the World by John-Paul Flintoff the workshop was designed by the school’s London faculty and will be made relevant to a local audience, coveringContinue reading “How to make a difference: The School of Life arrives in Perth”

Games for learning – how lecturers bring play into adult education

I wish I could have recorded Tim the tiling lecturer conduct the Orchestra of Babble with 15 fellow lecturers from Challenger Institute of Technology.  This was part of the Games for Learning workshop I ran at the school’s Festival of Learning day last month, to help educators devise creative learning experiences for their students. Tim’s orchestra was surprisingly beautiful,Continue reading “Games for learning – how lecturers bring play into adult education”

It’s your meeting: you set the rules

In the average yoga class, people arrive on time, know why they’re there and are willing to follow instructions. Pretty basic.  So why aren’t business meetings like this? It’s more likely participants arrive late, are unsure why they’re attending and become easily distracted. Here are three tips for setting ground rules that lead to an efficient meeting that runs on time. Set boundariesContinue reading “It’s your meeting: you set the rules”