Co-creating sustainable health systems

Things are a-changing in health care

With an ageing population and budget contracts, we are seeing a demand for a more co-ordinated approach to primary health care, that gives consumers access to a range of different services in an integrated way; that allows them more responsibility for their own wellbeing; and where health professionals are able to work together for the good of their patients.

The newly formed Primary Care WA took an innovative approach to dealing with this change by asking key leaders from the health sector to collectively determine how to create healthy primary care systems within Western Australia.

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Clowning for Facilitators September 27 – scholarship places

Do you know an emerging facilitator?  Someone who has a great practice and could benefit from beginning a deep reflective process for their work?

There are two scholarship places available for the half-day Clowning for Facilitators 1 workshop on September 27 in Perth.  These are free places available to a facilitator of any age who probably couldn’t afford to come otherwise because their practice or their business is in early stages.

Clowning for Facilitators uses movement and play to develop presence and self-reflection as a facilitator.  We explore how being grounded in your body impacts your ability to connect with a group and what you are aware of within the room. This introductory course feeds into the two-day Clowning for Facilitators II where we deepen our ability to use play and understand the impact we have on the people we lead.

“You will have the opportunity for self-reflection and spatial awareness within a group.”  (Jenny Dehetoa, Curtin University, July 2012.)

For more information email or send a message via Twitter to @rachaelwest.  You can also read more about the workshop here.  Full price is $300 for organisations, $210 for social entrepreneurs and freelancers and includes a coaching followup session.  Spacecubed members pay $150. 

Conscious play : the same game is different every time

In “clown school” students play the same games over and over.  Even the simplest of games offers opportunities to develop as a performer, and these lessons which aren’t always available the first time we try the game.  Repeating the same game with the same rules invites us to tune into the subtlety and depth of our learning, rather than rushing off to the next thing, looking for answers somewhere else.

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Imagine if you and your team could bring more creativity to the way you work.  Imagine if the result was a better business as well as a happier you.

Our innovative programmes draw on yoga, performance and physical play to help you bring more of yourself to work, to enhance the way you communicate with your colleagues, and find the way towards innovative, collaborative business and urban design solutions.

The circus comes to Engineers Without Borders

Imagineering was the title of the 2011 Engineers Without Borders Conference, rounding off the Year of Humanitarian Engineering with a celebration of innovative engineering aid in developing countries.  There was also space for sharing best practice and reflecting how we can do more.

I opened my presentation with a handstand.    It was spontaneous and yet not without motive – we were in the carbohydrate slump slot forty-five minutes after lunch and shifting the energy was critical if I wanted to keep my audience with me.  So I got them moving, I did a handstand and we knew we were going to do things differently.  This presentation was about seeing problems through new eyes so as to find creative solutions with a more positive social impact.

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