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Rachael West  Strategic Speaker Coach and Engineer in Melbourne

A good talk can be career-changing. Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur or graduate, speaking with impact will position your long term trajectory as an individual, organisation and movement. I will guide you through a strategic approach to speaking, coaching you to articulate what you’re about and find your unique delivery style so you feel comfortable. Learn to engage your audience so they remember you and what you have to say.

I was a TEDx Perth speaker coach from 2011 until 2015. Two of my speakers received standing ovations. Another has been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube.

My style is systematic and thorough, but it’s also creative and certainly not cookie-cutter. I believe we are more watch-able when we allow our own style to show through, rather than impersonating a “right” way to speak.

“This was more than delivering a great presentation – this was a true development opportunity, with a coach who expertly challenged, coached and supported me through the entire process.

Kelly Carter, Vice President Legal, Goldfields Australia, 2016

Who I work with

I coach senior executives, graduates, entrepreneurs and industry experts who aim for engagement and impact. Speakers I work with are often fueled by altruistic motives, such as improving workplace diversity, enhancing professional standards or promoting a cause.

Watch videos here of speakers I’ve coached previously.

I look forward to helping you deliver the best presentation you can, so you enjoy yourself, delight your audience, and leave a lasting legacy that reflects you and your organisation.

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help and advice. You really helped us find our way and get the perfect message across. I’ve never felt so calm and confident, despite the fact the audience was so huge.

Rachel Page, BHP Billiton, 2015

The Strategic Speaker Process

Whether you are an experienced speaker, or just starting out, Strategic Speaker Coaching will help you get to the heart of what you really want to say, for this audience, to make your shared future possible.

The Strategic Speaker Coach methodologies make preparing a meaningful, engaging and inspiring talk more effortless. As well as a strategic approach to design and delivery, I coach you through being the most comfortable version of yourself when you step on stage.

  • Use your next speaking opportunity or panel appearance to support your professional and organisational trajectory.
  • Develop a talk that reflects your own style and personality.
  • Create a speaking product you can use again and again to inspire new audiences and progress your initiative.
  • Clarify your personal and business strategies, ironing out gaps, so you feel confident about your next step.

“ Rachael, you were fantastic in assisting me in my preparation and asking the hard questions (in a kind way!). You instigated great self-reflection and provided me tips and tricks that made being up in front of 1000 people seem like a piece of cake. The skills you introduced have already come in handy in other work situations.”

Jade Singleton Superintendent Mining Operations South 32, 2018

Get started

I look forward to discussion how I can help you with your next professional presentation or event. I am based in Melbourne and regularly travel to other states.
Rachael West
+61 450 393 336


How far ahead of my talk should I schedule a session with you?
I recommend you start preparing major talks at least 6 weeks prior. Most people find three coaching sessions ideal to identify critical key messages, structure their talk and receive detailed feedback on delivery.

When might I need more sessions?
We follow a really structured approach so three speaker coaching sessions will usually give you enough to deliver a high quality 15-minute talk, if you are able to do work in between. If you have less time in-between or are working with me for the first time you may prefer four sessions. And if you are speaking for more than 30 minutes or wish to create a replicable speaking product you can use repeatedly six sessions would be for you.

How should I prepare for coaching?
It’s best if you arrive having done minimal planning. Most people find they want to completely change their talk after their first coaching session. Prior to starting coaching, complete the provided template to help you refine your thinking, and to help me understand what is most important to you about your presentation.

Can you come along to see me talk?
Absolutely. I can meet you at your event early to help you practice walking on stage and work through nerves.  I also offer feedback at the end of your talk.

Do you offer group workshops?
Yes, I run several different courses to help teams prepare for speaking events or develop their capacity to deliver engaging, meaningful presentations. Please email me to schedule a call to discuss your needs.

*Subsidised rates may be available for those working in mission-based, creative or not-for-profit organisations.

“Rachael – your coaching is amazing, love your practical teaching style and your ability to detect the golden threads from a rambling conversation.”

Brendon Brodie-Hall, Manager, Rail Logistics & Optimisation Rio Tinto, 2018
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