Meet Speakers I’ve Coached

As well as being approached by individual speakers, I’m often engaged to coach all speakers for particular events, which leads to exponential results. Here are case studies, testimonials and videos to show the results.

1200-strong audience entertained at WIMWA summit
Read about the exponential impact of coaching on this industry event, and women’s professional and interpersonal development.

“Hands down, best talk of the day. You don’t expect an electrician to be such a good speaker”.

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb on Shannon Youd, who I coached for the 2018 1000-person WIMWA Summit.

Pitchfest 2019 rocks the house
Pitch nights are often theatre and this was no exception. With just 3 minutes to pitch, each entrepreneur in this innovative Victorian program had to deliver a focused, engaging message. Read how coaching helped this program build a community of support.

“…the end result being sharp, interesting, and well paced with a strong story telling component. Rachael’s assistance has moved how I present to a totally new level”.

Ilena Young, Chair, Startup Shakeup.

In her moving talk, “Tell it how it is” electrician Shannon Youd speaks on behalf of many women, and men, whose voices often aren’t heard in the workplace gender diversity debate.

Technology Development Manager Max van Someren brings engineering storytelling to Interferry 2019, an international shipping conference. After his presentation, Max had three times as many inquiries about Austal’s new digital technology as he had hoped.

At the Women in Gold Sundowner Diversity Debate 2017, Cassie O’Connell and Breanna Cameron cement their place as experts:

Underground project and planning engineer Jayne Finch moved the crowd to tears at WIMWA 2016:

“Working with Rachael to prepare my presentation for the Women in Mining Summit was truly enlightening. Initially I worked with Rachael in a group session and was greatly impressed by Rachael’s pragmatic and structured approach which included brain-storming and speech building templates.

We followed this with two one-on-one sessions which took my speech to an entirely new level. I learnt so much from our session and the reflective work after each catch-up. I really feel I gained greater clarity around what shapes my behaviours and beliefs. I always knew what I was about, but our session (and the previous workshop) made me focus. I love Rachael’s phrase, “unpacking your beliefs”, I feel like I unpacked well and truly.

What particularly struck me about my work with Rachael was that I realised society has taught me that my deafness is a weakness, but my other skills (lip reading and face reading) are truly a strength. Rachael didn’t just guide me to prepare a very well received presentation; she helped me to affirm that I am a capable human being with something meaningful to contribute.
Jayne Finch

General Manager at Granny Smith Gold Mine Andrew Bywater blends compassion, humour and compelling logic. He shows an audience of 550 at the Women in Mining WA 2016 summit how good culture is good for business:

Chair of Tradeup WA Nicole O’Keefe has the crowd in fits of laughter as she describes going back to school as an apprentice electrician where the average age of her (all male) fellow students is 18:

“Nicole was fantastic.”

Women overheard at the next table.

Cailli Knievel is an engineer who hasn’t followed a typical career path. She describes the scrapes she got into working in Iran, Argentina and Andalucia at the Women in Mining WA Summit 2015 – and what that taught her about the fine line between seizing opportunity and questionable decision-making.

Megan McCracken‘s extensive knowledge shines through in Future-Proofing Your Career. She has gone on to deliver this talk as a speaking package for multiple events and conferences:

Suzy Urbaniak. Incredible STEM advocate, geologist and more. You have to watch to appreciate the force that is Suzy!

Carina Hoang’s moving TEDx Perth talk about arriving in Australia by boat as a child refugee receives a standing ovation:

Innovative games maker and diversity champion Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie shows TEDx Perth 2013 how games can change the way we interact with the world:

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