Learning can be enjoyable, experiential and immediately useful.  Choose from a range of ready-to-go workshops to improve the way your teams work, communicate and think – or have one tailor made.

Engaging, meaningful presentations: skills for technical people

Workshop length: 3 hours Group size: 8 – 12 This unique workshop helps engineers, scientists and other technically-minded people to put themselves in the shoes of their audience and deliver presentations that are engaging, relevant and memorable. “Make it compulsory – those that think they don’t need it probably do!” (Participant, 2012) About the workshop TechnicalContinue reading “Engaging, meaningful presentations: skills for technical people”

How to run great meetings

A great meeting can save time, money and sanity. Discuss why we run meetings, what you can do to get the most our of your time, and why it’s important to understand your organisation’s culture when it comes to getting people together. We’ll look at: the features of a great meeting making people feel welcomeContinue reading “How to run great meetings”

The keys to great facilitation

Explore awareness and presence as a facilitator using clown and physical play   “You’ll practice letting go and rediscover spontaneity.” This workshop is a unique opportunity for facilitators, trainers and educators to develop the aspects to facilitation that differentiate a good facilitator from a really great one: someone who is comfortable with themselves, connected to the groupContinue reading “The keys to great facilitation”

Education: make it relevant

Funding changes for Australian education mean educators need to think strategically to meet the continuously changing needs of students. This workshop is for lecturers and teachers who want to collaborate to deliver more creative, industry-relevant classes, and to enhance their communication with students. Education is more than teaching technical skills The workshop includes: An overview of creativeContinue reading “Education: make it relevant”

Creativity within constraints

All entrepreneurs grapple with the challenge of limited resources.  In Creativity with Constraints, we use storytelling and creative templates to challenge the way entrepreneurs approach problems.

Games for learning – bring play into education

Games for Learning helps educators see the learning potential in play and to devise simple games to enhance learning in their subject area. Each participant experiences a range of educational games and has the opportunity to devise and test out their own creation. The workshop includes: An overview of the different types of play An introduction toContinue reading “Games for learning – bring play into education”

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