Rachael West

I believe that every time we speak we have an opportunity.

What People Say

“Rachael is firmly entrenched as my Go To person when I have a speech to give.”

Megan McCracken, Arc Infrastructure Leadership team.

“We received at least 3 times the interest in the product we were expecting!”

Max van Someren,
Technology Development Manager at Austal

“Rachael’s one-on-one sessions took my speech to an entirely new level.”

Jayne Finch, Senior Under Ground Engineer, Newmont

My strategic approach to communications makes writing and delivering your next presentation (or even running a meeting) more effortless and impactful.

For 10+ years I have helped numerous executives, entrepreneurs, influencers and graduates shine on stage. This includes coaching two TEDx speakers to standing ovation, helping to build the annual WIMWA summit into an industry cornerstone and supporting innovation ecosystems like Startup Shakeup and Global Sisters. In 2017 I gave my own TEDx talk, which led to an important partnership for the social enterprise I founded.

I also provide facilitation and strategic planning for organisations as varied as small social enterprises to large engineering firms and have delivered keynotes to events such as Engineers Without Borders and Local Government Professionals WA conferences, and The Westminster Briefings.

My methodologies are strategic and rigorous, but not cookie-cutter. I love to ask the questions that help individuals and teams think deeply about what they are doing and why, and believe we are more watch-able when we allow our own speaking style to shine through.

My ability to work with, and communicate, complexity is informed by a varied background that includes 15+ years leading strategic projects in engineering, social enterprise and health, and a movement-based sensing discipline developed through formal training in circus, somatics and dance, and formalised in a University Diploma in Yogic Education from the University of Lille, France.

Let’s build something together.

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