Swift but sensitive: storytelling in uncertain times

One thing about the uncertainty triggered by COVID-19, is that people and organisations are, in certain cases, acting faster and more inclusively than ever before.

In a webinar called “Innovation in Uncertainty” I spoke about storytelling in turbulent times. The video is set to begin at my introduction, but the other speakers, including Dianna Somerville on adaptations by international hubs and Tori Kopke on running online events, have useful information to share.

Storytelling in turbulent times: the narrative of Australia’s coronavirus crisis

It’s a privilege and a responsibility to be a storyteller in turbulent times. How are the stories you are hearing and sharing now, shaping our collective narrative in the looming sanctions of COVID-19?

What has Bouffon to do with Public Speaking?

For speakers interested in challenging themselves, this is the second in a series of articles that examine what forms of theatre, movement and philosophy can teach us about great public speaking.

Bouffon is the truth-telling step brother of clown. With origins in Greek satire (and modern day versions in many late night political comedy shows) the Bouffon exists to mock…everything that humans do!

How to more effectively use feedback to develop your new presentation

One risk to testing a new talk is that you get feedback you’re not able to deal with. After seeing two speakers overwhelmed by suggestions from well-meaning friends and colleagues, here are some tips to help you use comments from a test audience – strategically and effectively.

How to develop a Speaking Product and raise your industry profile

A speaking product is a repeatable presentation you can take to conferences and events. A good speaking product will help raise your profile as a business leader, by giving you exposure to new audiences, and positioning you as an expert in something unique.

What is the one thing that makes a great talk?

A gentleman asked me this question at an event and I was surprised I had an answer: What is the one thing that is critical for a successful, engaging presentation?

Do you say “um” too much when you speak? It might be because you’re nervous.

Overnight, Martin Hagger coached himself out of saying Um. His talk has been viewed over one million times.

But usually, cutting out um is about more than just breaking a habit.

Be a good audience member, not just a good speaker

I’m a speaker coach. This means I mostly focus on what you do that helps you connect with, and communicate to, an audience. But talks are about sharing ideas, and your role in the audience is as important as the work of the speaker. The speaker is there for you Picture an auditorium. Every audienceContinue reading “Be a good audience member, not just a good speaker”