Strategic facilitation

Whether leading a group through a business strategy, facilitating sustainability change in the public sector, or kickstarting a social enterprise project, I will give you an experience of viewing the world upside down and back-to-front (sometimes literally – some of my workshops open with handstands!) and create space for collaboration, critical thinking and innovation.

Creativity is never at the expense of getting things done: I specialise in translating big thinking into a structure and language that is practical in the real world, by drawing on practices from organisational theory, clowning, and deep listening with structured business practice.


Avis: Strategy Away-Day. (June 09)

Social Enterprise London: five-year strategy. (January to April 09)

Department of Premier and Cabinet: change strategy. Short term contract to outline the strategy to transition this key government department from using in-house core function groups to services operating from a central government office.  (December 2006)

Building relationships and social enterprise

Social Enterprise London: Opening New Markets. I established the £3m ERDF-funded business support programme and created a strong partnership with Prevista and London Community Recycling Network, focussing on relationships, shared vision and solid structure through process and documentation. (September 2008 – April 2009)

Collaboration and change

Water Corporation of Western Australia: Relationship Contracting Strategy. I initiated and developed the cultural change strategy required to run $1b(Aus) of collaborative, transparent partnership projects in an organisation accustomed to old-school, cut throat, traditional engineering contracting.  (April to July 2008)

Transforming the public sector

Public Transport Authority of Western Australia: Transwa business framework.  Transwa is the authority’s regional travel division and it had been operating the same way for 30 years.  I took management, operations and customer service teams on a journey towards a new way of doing business that included developing critical thinking skills, facilitated discussion to develop new business processes, an online business management system, and a load of tea and biscuits.  (February – November 2005)


Water Corporation of Western Australia: Water Scores sustainability benchmarking tool. Strategic leadership of development of a tailored sustainability assessment tool for public works construction projects, the first of its kind in Australia.  Incorporated a change process to enhance understanding of the project management division’s role in the Water Corporation’s sustainability strategy and shift the definition of success from time and cost to a more holistic interpretation.  Final rollout was to several hundred employees and 10 partner organisations.  (October 2007 to July 2008)

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