Sense in Uncertainty – Rachael West

In times of change our ability to listen and make discerning choices is critical.

I use my training in engineering, social enterprise and innovation to help people and businesses organise their projects, systems and ideas so they can continue to execute their mission in uncertainty.

My ability to work with, and communicate, complexity is informed by a varied background that includes 15+ years leading strategic projects in engineering, social enterprise and health, and a movement-based sensing discipline developed through training in circus, somatics and a University Diploma in Yogic Education from the University of Lille, France.

As TEDx Perth speaker coach for 4 years, I coached two speakers to standing ovations. I have coached numerous executives and senior managers to deliver high impact conference talks and panel appearances, and prepared many new graduates for their first speaking appearance. I gave my own TEDx talk in 2017.

I was also founder of national social enterprise Yoga for Pain Care Australia which introduced a new model for pain care into regional Australia. We are now using the model to examine possibilities for better services as communities close and services for our most vulnerable reduce.

Email or phone +61 450 393 336