How to develop a Speaking Product and raise your industry profile

A speaking product is a repeatable presentation you can take to conferences and events. A good speaking product will help raise your profile as a business leader, by giving you exposure to new audiences, and positioning you as an expert in something unique.

What is the one thing that makes a great talk?

A gentleman asked me this question at an event and I was surprised I had an answer: What is the one thing that is critical for a successful, engaging presentation?

Do you say “um” too much when you speak? It might be because you’re nervous.

Overnight, Martin Hagger coached himself out of saying Um. His talk has been viewed over one million times.

But usually, cutting out um is about more than just breaking a habit.

Be a good audience member, not just a good speaker

I’m a speaker coach. This means I mostly focus on what you do that helps you connect with, and communicate to, an audience. But talks are about sharing ideas, and your role in the audience is as important as the work of the speaker. The speaker is there for you Picture an auditorium. Every audienceContinue reading “Be a good audience member, not just a good speaker”

If you have to use your mobile phone for speaking notes here are four things you should do

When you give a presentation, do you rely on your memory, or written prompts to keep you on track? In Why you should re-consider using your smart phone for speaking notes I explain why I don’t recommend you use a mobile phone to store your speaking prompts. If, however, you absolutely must use your smartContinue reading “If you have to use your mobile phone for speaking notes here are four things you should do”

You can get 150 public servants to play (seriously) at a conference

There are a number of clowning games I had only ever taught to groups of about ten – until I opened day 2 of the Local Government Professionals Women’s summit and had 130 women walking around the room, playing. Play evokes learning If you think clown is slapstick, my style of clown is more modernContinue reading “You can get 150 public servants to play (seriously) at a conference”

Being heard is not about being loudest

When I was a young engineer, I was told to be more assertive. I was given tips like, “Be the first to speak up in meeting”, or “Apply for jobs even if you don’t meet all the criteria”. Apparently the lack of representation of women in the workplace could be solved by being louder. ButContinue reading “Being heard is not about being loudest”