The best communicators aren’t listening to words

When I met underground mining engineer Jayne Finch at a speaker coaching workshop I ran for Women in Mining WA, I was impressed by her warmth and welcoming presence. She paid attention to what I said and there was a care in the way she asked me to repeat things she didn’t understand. Jayne clearlyContinue reading “The best communicators aren’t listening to words”

3 things you should never do in a conference presentation

1. Apologise for your slides If you have to apologise to your audience for too many words on your slides, because the font is so small the audience can’t read it, or because your slides are confusing – change them before you get to the stage. 2. Go overtime When you take more than yourContinue reading “3 things you should never do in a conference presentation”

Improve your conference by getting speakers together before the event

Conference presenters often meet for the first time at the conference itself and know little about each other’s work. For the 2014 Women in Mining WA annual seminar, the event manager took a different tack and invited the speakers to a facilitated discussion before the event. The result: a more memorable, coherent conference.