Through the eyes of a clown: the art of facilitation

A Perth version of Clowning for Facilitators will be running on January 12.  For a word that wasn’t in use not so many years ago, facilitator gets bandied around a bit.  In this workshop we use the art of Clown to get you, the facilitator or communicator, connected with the intangible part of your work.Continue reading “Through the eyes of a clown: the art of facilitation”

Engineers v. entrepreneurs: the great impro-off

Every played at improvisation? These are the exercises actors use to be able to create whole performances from scratch on the spot.Improvisation in companies takes those exercises and applies them to building skills which help improve business performance.On the surface, it looks like a facilitator having you running around and playing games to stimulate your creativity andContinue reading “Engineers v. entrepreneurs: the great impro-off”

The hidden cost of cheap air travel (The Times and moi sort of agree)

I got excited when I saw The Times had a double page story on the hidden cost of cheap air travel.  ‘At last!’ I rejoiced, ‘The world has seen sense.  A £30 flight to Mallorca doesn’t justify the damage to the Earth.  Train travel will be embraced, prices reduced so it’s accessible to all, and theContinue reading “The hidden cost of cheap air travel (The Times and moi sort of agree)”

Capitalism is the new activism: big business and media lead the way to social and environmental change

Much maligned as the antithesis to sustainability, advertising and media are finding their place in the new world of urgent social and environmental change, offering what is generally lacking in environmental purists and social activists: the understanding that hard facts and finger pointing aren’t enough to yield results; you need to understand people, to appeal to values and to emotions and you need to get the right message out in the right way to lots and lots of people. Strategic sustainability communications hits Donella Meadows’ most effective system intervention points – creating a paradigm shift and the power to do something about it.