“Rachael’s Finding Your Voice workshop at our 2017 forum added an enjoyable, engaging and fun way to present on a topic instead of the usual death by Powerpoint.  It also provided delegates with some really great take-away skills. I loved it, and would 100% definitely recommend Rachael.”
Luana Abbott, Conference co-ordinator Local Government Professionals Australia

“Rachael is firmly entrenched as my Go To person when I have a speech to give.”
Megan McCracken, Arc Infrastructure Leadership team.

“This was more than delivering a great presentation – this was a true development opportunity, with a coach who expertly challenged, coached and supported me through the entire process.”
Kelly Carter, Vice President, Legal and Compliance, Goldfields

Rachael’s work with researchers before the forum meant academics delivered concise presentations in language that was easily accessible for a non-medical audience. Her facilitation on the day was lively, humorous and professional.
Jane Muirhead, National Pain Week co-ordinator

TEDxPerth 2012 - Testimonial- Rachael West“I LOVED your session. It is so good to get reminded afresh and in fresh ways about staying present and being aware as a facilitator.”
Leighton Jay, School of Management, Curtin University

“I am feeling more positive and motivated about my conference talks.”
Hydrogeologist, Department of Water.

“What I liked best about my coaching session was that I had the chance to talk about my plans for my workshop and get your advice on how I could make them work. I felt more prepared because of my meeting with you, and your follow up email. I was particularly grateful that you suggested things like doing a follow up sheet, which I hadn’t thought of, and that I could try to use the event to network and keep people informed about upcoming projects, which I also hadn’t thought of. Now I have a bunch of quotes that I have people’s permission to use in my publicity materials. You are a good listener and there are not enough good listeners in the world.”
Amelia, writer

Just wanted to say a big thank you. All the comments from the audience in the feedback survey were great.
Community Development Officer Seniors, City of Melville

“I though you handled it fantastically: you were flexible, tough, kept us on task, challenged us and didn’t take any nonsense.  The exercises were relevant and produced the agreed outcome.” (Chair, Bendigo community bank)

“Rachael was a great moderator on our recent brainstorming day with Avis Rent-A-Car International. She was confident, articulate and really helped keep the flow of ideas focused and channeled in the right direction. It was a fruitful day.” (Mark Howard, fst on behalf of Avis International)

“Rachael clearly has a lot of experience of presenting, and is very aware of the presentation issues that scientifically minded people face.  As for her energy, I think this is what impressed me most, and it kept us all engaged and entertained throughout.” Rajen Nathwani, Business/IT Consultant

“I thought you were brill – really kept everyone thinking and moving on at the right pace.” Social entrepreneur.

“I had a great time and learnt a lot about how to deliver technical topics to a non-technical audience.  I have already begun using the skills I learnt. I am determined to eventually banish PowerPoint from my life!” Leigh Wood, Director, Node It.

“Rachael worked on promotional copy for my website and brochure.  She understood my business from the start, and I was extremely impressed with her ability to translate complex concepts into friendly, accessible and engaging text. She communicated with me at regular points throughout the process, working less as a supplier and more as a collaborator. I would recommend her for any strategic facilitation/writing work without doubt.” (Alison Coward, Bracket, July 2010)

“Rachael worked with Meanwhile Space to develop the Meanwhile Intermediary Handbook. We are very grateful to her for her patience and persistence when facilitating the session to extract the content for the guide from us, and
 for her ability to catch on so quickly to what we were after. Her relaxed style of working and writing has resulted in a fantastically easy to read and concise document that we hope will be used by lots of people to enable temporary uses of property to benefit the community.”  Emily Miller, Director, Meanwhile Space CIC, UK


“Rachael has a flair for language.  I’ve worked with many copywriters and found Rachael easy to work with and skilful in creating well-written, thought-out copy.  Her ability to listen and ask the right questions meant she could piece together my ideas and thoughts to create structured, accessible writing.” Alasdair Inglis Grow Marketing July 2010

What people say about the Clowning for Facilitators workshop

“A great and valuable experience – you learn so much about yourself through small games and activities with other people.” (Janni, Meld Studios, Sydney)

“Most valuable for my professional life was widening the possibilities for leading facilitation, and finding links between theatre and work.” (Andrew Botros, Expressive Engineering, NSW)

I will remember to say committed to my audience/client needs, listening deeply and engaging to find creative solutions.” (Kate, performer, NSW)

“Tell future participants they’ll find room to play and discover themselves in a supportive, open environment.” (Dominique, Meld Studios, Sydney 2013)

“I’ll be making room for stillness and allowing people to come to conclusions without telling them how to get there.” (Gemma, Facilitator at Scitech, WA)

“The most valuable thing for my professional life was watching the group form and doing things easily, not the hard way”. (Beth, Disabilities Services Commission)

“A highlight was thinking more consciously about how it feels to be an audience member and how I can reflect on this experience as a facilitator.” (Jacqui, Challenger Institute of Technology)

“In the future I’ll be more relaxed and self-aware…” (Diana, Life without Borders)

“I loved it.”
(Kate Raynes-Goldie, Interactive Games Director, Film and Television Institute)