Creativity within constraints

Catalyst is an innovative business skills course for social entrepreneurs in Western Australia’s Midwest.  Rachael developed the module Creativity with Constraints, and drew on storytelling and creative templates to challenge the way entrepreneurs approach problems.

Entrepreneurs have limited resources to work with 

Rachael was invited to design a workshop that would help emerging entrepreneurs work more effectively with the seemingly limited resources available to new businesses.

She drew on her own experiences of running small businesses and embarking on new projects to show how she had challenged her own assumptions about what was possible in her career and personal life.

Visual tools help us see our own limiting assumptions

Rachael used visual template to help participants recognise everything that they thought held them back from a successful enterprise. Most cited lack of money, lack of time and family commitments.  These very limitations were used to help them find innovative solutions for meeting business needs without compromising on other aspects of their life.

The creative storytelling template to finish the session was a real success with participants.

It is rare to have someone who is all of: creative, professional, curious, wise, creative and offering something unique. Rachael is all that, and was willing to both design and improvise to meet needs of participants. The bespoke workshop session she delivered as part of ‘Catalyst’ continues to be talked about by participants and seems to have contributed to significant positive changes in some of their lives and enterprises.”

As the session happened we had to adjust on the fly and Rachael was great to work with – considering options for changing format based on the dynamic between us as presenters and arc of the participants experience. Much appreciated. (Andrew Outhwaite, Executive Officer, Pollinators)

Pollinators Inc., is a community of social entrepreneurs in WA’s midwest.

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