What can yoga teachers teach engineers about running great meetings?

The meetings I attended as a civil engineer were not great meetings.  Half the attendees arrived late; many left early; and most didn’t even know why they were there. They wasted time for everyone attending and cost the company money.

Good meeting v average yoga class
Consider an average yoga class:

1. Everyone comes on time
2. People know why they’re there
3. They go to the right place
4. Yoga students pay attention and follow instructions
5. Everyone closes out the class with a pause and some reflection

Having these basics in place makes a great yoga class possible.

Imagine the disruption if students clomped in late to class; had no idea what yoga was; or spent the whole class on their iPhone.

Why do yoga teachers run such fabulous meetings?

Most people who go to a yoga classes trust that their teacher knows how to teach yoga. They trust that their teacher knows the desired outcome and content of a yoga class, probably better than they do.  Most yoga students are confident that if they follow their teacher’s instructions they – and everyone in the class – will arrive blissfully at that outcome.

One of the most critical parts of ensuring that my yoga students have confidence in my teaching, is for me to have confidence in my capacity to teach.  If I don’t have faith in myself as a teacher, my students will get distracted, talk amongst themselves or perhaps start offering helpful advice about how to do it better.

Can you be like the yoga teacher and command absolute attention the next time you run your meeting?
Yoga teachers don’t run a tight ship by snapping a whip to keep students in line. They do it by arriving prepared, setting ground rules and holding a space for everyone to learn together.

What can you do before your next meeting to give you the confidence to lead the meeting where it needs go?

How to run great meetings is available as a one-hour workshop to help your team, organisation or group understand the qualities of a good meeting, the skills to make them happen effectively, and the confidence to put those skills into practice. Email me Rachael@strategiccreativityatwork.com.au for more information.

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