Get your social enterprise off to a rock solid start by defining your vision and values

We often think of business values as fluffy words that sit on a wall to assure clients you’re a nice organisation. I discovered that values are, in fact, the solid foundations to building a business when I was invited to work with a group of emerging Geraldton entrepreneurs.

For the last three years I have supported Pollinators’ innovative incubation program Catalyst by running business skills workshops, such as Leading for Good: getting things done in all areas of life.  This year I helped participants articulate their business ‘why’.  The workshop covered:

  • The vision for the future that drives them
  • Why that vision is important for them personally and for their beneficiaries
  • How to write clear, tangible and meaningful business values to guide decision-making
  • Specific activities their enterprise will do to contribute towards that future i.e. how they will make money

The entrepreneurs from Geraldton, Kalbarri and other towns in WA’s midwest found clarifying their vision and values made their business mission (what they actually do) easier to define.

Interestingly, subtle differences in values led to different business models. For example, the owner of a music studio who values financial security might run business mentoring for musicians. If creativity ranks higher in her values, she might focus more on beginners have-a-go sessions.

When you’re about to start a business, get your vision, mission and values down on paper so you know if you have a business idea you’re willing to jump into.  Building a business takes time and energy; you might as well begin with a solid base.

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