Creativity within constraints

All entrepreneurs grapple with the challenge of limited resources.  In Creativity with Constraints, we use storytelling and creative templates to challenge the way entrepreneurs approach problems.

Entrepreneurs are renowned for working with limitations

My first business was manufacturing skincare products. Occasionally, I would mess up a recipe. My first reaction was one of frustration, but very often I ended up with a new product.

Constraints are often the source of innovation

Participants are provided specially-designed visual templates to identify the elements they think are holding them back from a successful enterprise. Many entrepreneurs cite lack of money, lack of time and family commitments as problems, but these very limitations can be the source of innovative solutions for meeting business needs without compromising aspects of their life.

Learning through story lightens the load of the challenges of running a startup

The creative storytelling template helps each person embed their personal learning and to make changes to the way they run their business and life

This workshop was initially designed for Catalyst, innovative business skills course for social entrepreneurs in Western Australia’s Midwest.  Read what entrepreneurs in WA’s midwest thought about this program here.

It is rare to have someone who is all of: creative, professional, curious, wise, creative and offering something unique. Rachael is all that, and was willing to both design and improvise to meet needs of participants. The bespoke workshop session she delivered as part of ‘Catalyst’ continues to be talked about by participants and seems to have contributed to significant positive changes in some of their lives and enterprises.” (Andrew Outhwaite, Executive Officer, Pollinators)


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