How to run great meetings

A great meeting can save time, money and sanity. Discuss why we run meetings, what you can do to get the most our of your time, and why it’s important to understand your organisation’s culture when it comes to getting people together.

We’ll look at:

  • the features of a great meeting
  • making people feel welcome in a group
  • thinking strategically about how to run great meetings
  • how to effectively use pre-meeting communication to warm up your group
  • how setting ground rules can build your confidence as a meeting facilitator
  • the benefits to keeping to an agenda.

We’ll also close with a discussion about overcoming the barriers in your organisation that seem to stop people from arriving on time, reviewing any of the information you ask them to, and turning up to meetings with an idea of what it’s about.

Workshop length: 1-hour
Group size: 10 – 30
Suitable for: engineers, project managers and those wanting to build confidence at facilitating effective meetings


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Published by rachaelwest

Strategic Speaker Coach | Founder | Engineer