Education: make it relevant

Funding changes for Australian education mean educators need to think strategically to meet the continuously changing needs of students. This workshop is for lecturers and teachers who want to collaborate to deliver more creative, industry-relevant classes, and to enhance their communication with students.

Education is more than teaching technical skills

The workshop includes:

  • An overview of creative teaching methods
  • Templates for designing industry-relevant lessons
  • Methods for offering constructive feedback to students
  • Practical experience of facilitative techniques, such as World Café and learning through play
  • Time to design your own methods and collaborate on ideas

We discuss positive impacts lecturers have within a student’s career in their industry, and how they can continue to develop themselves as educators in a constantly changing environment. When educators understand the purpose of their work and feel empowered to build their own skills, they can continue to develop and meet the challenges of a changing environment.

Read how this workshop worked for engineering lecturers at Challenger Institute.  Contact to discuss options.


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