Conscious play : the same game is different every time

In “clown school” students play the same games over and over.  Even the simplest of games offers opportunities to develop as a performer, and these lessons which aren’t always available the first time we try the game.  Repeating the same game with the same rules invites us to tune into the subtlety and depth of our learning, rather than rushing off to the next thing, looking for answers somewhere else.

In Clowning for Facilitators we explore Conscious Play, where the objective is not only to become more skilled at playing the game, but at our ability to reflect on our own participation, even while we are playing.  Repetition allows us to move past playing the game “right” and into a space of meta-reflection.  Meta-reflection enhances our ability to be a continuous learner who is both participator in, and observer of, the play.

The intention behind the Clowning for Facilitators workshops is to become more sensitive and engaged facilitators.  We recognise our own biases, the impact we have on others simply by being in their presence, and deepen our awareness of group dynamics.  We enable our facilitator proprioception.

Facilitators sometimes choose to repeat the workshop.  They play the same games but they play them on a new day with new people.

The group dynamics are different, the way they are within that group is different, and the reflective learning is only enhanced by their prior experience.  In conscious play the same game is never the same.

As we know with our work, we can deliver the same training material to a new group – or even the same group on a different day – and it can all feel very, very different.  Rather than assuming that everything is the same each time we do our work, we arrive prepared, yet open and ready to test what is going on for the group, on that day, at that moment and work to that.   

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